Pushtiraj Pangas/Tilapia (General) Feed

Pushtiraj Feed is made with the best quality raw materials at the best price.

Features of Pushtiraj Pangas/Tilapia (General) Feed:

      • Pushtiraj Pangas/Tilapia (General) Feed is produced and quality controlled under the direct supervision of experienced fish nutritionists.

      • The feed is produced under the direct supervision of renowned and experienced fish nutritionists at home and abroad, thus maintaining its excellent quality.

      • Pushtiraj Feed contains the right amount of various minerals, vitamins, feed additives, and other essential nutrients so that the nutritional value of the feed remains intact and the immunity of the fish increases.

      • Ensuring higher feed production at a lower cost due to lower FCR (feed conversion rate).

      • Pushtiraj feed is easily digested as it is prepared at high heat and pressure.

      • The efficiency of feed is highest as the Pushtiraj feed is digested faster and more.

      • Fish grows faster, resulting in less feed and less time needed to cultivate.

      • Completely safe and free from any material which is harmful to human and environment.

Nutritional Analysis of Pushtiraj Pangas/Tilapia (General) Feed:

Pushtiraj Pangas/Tilapia Feed Application Dosage:

Feed Calculation of 1000 Pangas/Tilapia Fish:

Price of Pushtiraj Pangas/Tilapia (General) Feed:


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Floating Feed

Pangas/Tilapia (General) Grower



Pangas/Tilapia (General) Finisher