Pushtiraj Beef Feed

Pushtiraj Feed is made from the best quality raw materials at the best price.

Features of Pushtiraj Beef Feed:

      • For maximum production in beef, improved quality breeds and balanced beef feed are required. Pushtiraj Beef feed is produced in automatic machines by using the most modern techniques and technology.

      • This feed is prepared under the direct supervision of renowned and experienced animal nutritionists from home and abroad, thus maintaining its excellent quality.

      • The raw materials used in the production of Pushtiraj Beef Feed are quality controlled through testing in modern laboratories.

      • Pushtiraj Feed contains a variety of feed additives in the right amount, including vitamins and minerals.

      • This feed is tastier and more digestible which the animals like to eat.

      • As it is marketed in high quality and attractive packets, Pushtiraj Beef feed can be stored sterile for 2 months.

      • Pushtiraj Beef Feed does not contain harmful steroids so there are no side effects.

      • Feeding Pushtiraj Beef Feed does not require extra khail, kura, husk, etc.

      • Pushtiraj Beef Feed ensures wellness of the cow and enhances immunity.

Nutritional Analysis of Pushtiraj Beef Feed:

Pushtiraj Beef Feed Feeding Rules:

For every 75 kg body weight, besides hay and green grass, 1 kg of Pushtiraj Beef Feed (for meat) should be fed daily.

For example, if the bodyweight of a bull is 300 kg, then a total of 4 kg of Pushtiraj Beef Feed should be fed daily, of which 2 kg should be provided in the morning and 2 kg in the afternoon. In this case, there is no need to supply extra khail, kura, and husk. It should be noted that in addition to granular feed, an adequate amount of hay, raw grass and water should be provided (according to the weight of cattle).

Price of Pushtiraj Beef Feed:

Name of Feed

Bag Size


Beef Feed (Standard)



Beef Feed (Premium)