Pushtiraj Feed is made from the best quality raw materials at the best price.

Quality Assurance System

The most selected brand in the industry, it guarantees nutrition and consumer satisfaction. 

To achieve this defined quality, PUSTIRAJ is processed by skilled professionals with efficient machines, with proper methods and prescribed control procedures and conformity checks at each manufacturing step. 

Quality Assurance Systems are interdisciplinary tasks that include quality control or nutrition laboratories, microbiology laboratories, ingredient control, process control, storage and inventory control, personnel safety and environmental issues in the organization. Quality goals cannot be achieved or achieved without the close participation of all segments of the manufacturing sector.

With a noble vision of the highest quality products, PUSTIRAJ uses one of the world’s leading brands, feed analyzers, to focus its efforts to build the best-wet chemistry and nutrition laboratories in the country. Recognizes Italian VELP as a nutritional laboratory. Conventional equipment for future analysis in existing laboratories.

In our laboratory, we have succeeded in using all the unrivaled monitoring equipment. This has improved the collection of the most reliable single database for future advanced analytical tools such as NIRS. We are content with the essence of work done with uncompromising ethical values ​​for global acceptance and compliance, rather than plagued by a stack of substandard nominal records generated by high-tech devices.

The quality policy is an important aspect of implementing quality control in your organization. According to, quality policies are a top management representation of product and process quality intents, directions, and goals.

Principles of Quality Management

Focus on the customer. The primary focus of an organization must be to meet and exceed customer expectations and needs.

    • Engagement of People.

    • Good leadership.

    • Continuous Improvement.

    • Process-based approach.

    • Evidence-based decision making.

    • Relationship management.