Pushtiraj Sonali Feed

Pushtiraj Feed is made from the best quality raw materials at the best price.

Characteristics of Pushtiraj Sonali Feed:

      • For maximum production in sonali chicken, improved quality sonali breeds and balanced sonali feed are required. Pushtiraj Sonali Feed is produced in automatic machines by using the most modern techniques and technology.

      • The feed is produced under the direct supervision of renowned and experienced animal nutritionists at home and abroad, thus maintaining its excellent quality.

      • The raw materials used in the production of Pushtiraj Sonali Feed are quality controlled through testing in modern laboratories. As a result, the nutrients are in the right proportions.

      • Pushtiraj Feed contains the right amount of calcium and other minerals, various feed additives, vitamins, minerals and toxin binders. As a result, there is no possibility of any disease from the feed and the nutrients remain intact.

      • This feed is tastier, more digestible and fragrant which the chickens like to eat.

      • Marketed in high-quality and attractive packets that is why Pushtiraj Sonali Feed can be stored sterile for 2 months.

Nutritional Analysis of Pushtiraj Sonali Feed:

How to Use Pushtiraj Sonali Feed:

1. Pushtiraj Sonali Starter (Crumble): Day 1 to 36
2. Pushtiraj Sonali Grower (Pellet): Day 37 to until sell

Price of Pushtiraj Sonali Feed:

Name of Feed

Bag Size


Sonali Starter



Sonali Grower