Pushtiraj Broiler Feed

Pushtiraj Broiler Feed is made from the best quality raw materials at the best price.

First of all, Bangladesh is a rural country with a large population. Whereas, the poultry sector has been playing a vital role in meeting the nutritional needs, earning foreign exchange and eliminating unemployment of this country. As a result, this sector is expanding rapidly. Indeed, the contribution of the farmers is the most in achieving this success. Apart from meeting the demand for meat, the relentless efforts of the farmers in the development of our country certainly deserve praise. But the lack of good quality feed for broiler chicken has been hampering the progress of the farmers. Lack of quality feed increases the production cost of chickens. Consequently, farmers are gradually losing interest in chicken production because the market price of chicken is lower than the cost of production. Therefore, to solve this problem, “ARMAN Feeds and Fisheries Ltd.” has brought to the market the best-quality and nutritious feed which is Pushtiraj Broiler Feed. Moreover, Pushtiraj feeds are committed to ensuring high quality, minimum feed conversion rate (FCR) as well as free of harmful ingredients for humans and chickens.

Purpose of Pushtiraj Broiler Feed:

      • To assist in the development of the country’s poultry sector.

      • To assist in poultry production means economic development by providing quality feed.

      • To meet the growing demand of the poultry sector through the adequate feed supply and to assist in its development.

      • To provide feed while maintaining the nutritional needs of poultry and maintaining the quality of feed.

      • Providing feed at easy price to the farmers in keeping with the quality of feed.

Characteristics of Pushtiraj Broiler Feed:

      • For maximum production in broiler chicken, improved quality broiler breeds and balanced broiler feed are required. Pushtiraj Feed is produced in automatic machines by using the most modern techniques and technology.

      • The feed is produced under the direct supervision of renowned and experienced animal nutritionists at home and abroad, thus maintaining its excellent quality.

      • The raw materials used in the production of Pushtiraj Feed are quality controlled through testing in modern laboratories. As a result, the nutrients are in the right proportions.

      • Pushtiraj Feed contains the right amount of calcium and other minerals, various feed additives, vitamins, minerals and toxin binders. As a result, there is no possibility of any disease from the feed and the nutrients remain intact.

      • This feed is tastier, more digestible and fragrant which the chickens like to eat.

      • Marketed in high-quality and attractive packets that is why Pushtiraj Broiler Feed can be stored sterile for 2 months.

Nutritional Analysis of Pushtiraj Broiler Feed:

How to Use Pushtiraj Broiler Feed:

1. Pushtiraj Broiler Pre-Starter (Crumble): Day 1 to 9
2. Pushtiraj Broiler Starter (Crumble): Day 10 to 17
3. Pushtiraj Broiler Grower (Pellet): Day 18 to 26
4. Pushtiraj Broiler Finisher (Pellet): Day 27 to until sell

Price of Pushtiraj Broiler Feed:

Name of Feed

Bag Size


Broiler Starter



Broiler Grower



Broiler Finisher



Pushtiraj Broiler Feed (Grower) bag and Broiler feed on bottom

Finally, you have to ensure the best quality breeds, feeds and farm management to get the best results. However, for any unwanted disease and its treatment must contact with Upazila Livestock Officer, Veterinary Surgeon, Registered Veterinarian or Poultry Specialist of Arman Feeds and Fisheries Limited. Overall their farm-related advice will make the farmer more profitable.