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Pushtiraj Feed is made from the best quality raw materials at the best price.

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Bangladesh is a rural country with a large population. The livestock sector has been playing a vital role in meeting the nutritional needs, earning foreign exchange and eliminating unemployment of this country. Apart from meeting the demand for meat, the relentless efforts of the farmers in the development of the country are certainly to be commended. But the lack of good quality feed in the production of cow’s milk and meat has always hampered the progress of the farmers. Lack of quality feed increases the cost of beef and milk production. As the market price of beef and milk is lower than the cost of production, the farmers are gradually losing interest in milk and meat production. To solve this problem of the farmers, Arman Feeds and Fisheries Ltd., has brought to the market the best-quality and nutritious cattle feed. These feeds are committed to ensuring high quality, minimum feed conversion rate (FCR), and free of harmful ingredients for humans and cattle.