Pushtiraj Fish Feed

Pushtiraj Feed is made with the best quality raw materials at the best price.

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Bangladesh is a populous country. The fisheries sector has been playing a special role in meeting the nutritional needs of the people of this country and eliminating the problem of unemployment. As a result, this sector is expanding rapidly. At present, Bangladesh ranks fourth in fish production. The fish farmers have contributed the most to this success. In addition to meeting the demand for meat, the relentless efforts of the farmers in the development of the country certainly deserve praise. Lack of good quality fish feed in fish farming is always hindering the progress of the farmers. Lack of quality feed increases the cost of fish production. As the market price of fish is lower than the cost of production, the farmers are gradually losing interest in fish farming. To solve this problem of the fish farmers, Arman Feeds and Fisheries Ltd. has brought to the market the best quality fish feed, Pushtiraj Fish Feed. Pushtiraj Feed ensures excellent quality and the lowest feed conversion rate (FCR).