About Us

Pushtiraj Feed is made from the best quality raw materials at the best price.

Pushtiraj Feed is produced by ARMAN Feeds and Fisheries Limited under the direct supervision of skilled and experienced local and foreign experts. Pushtiraj Feed is made from the best quality raw materials. That is why Pushtiraj Feed is the best in the market in price and quality.

Pushtiraj Fish Feed:

    • Different feed formulations according to fish species-based nutritional needs.

    • Creation of species-based feed following modern nutrition ensures all types   of micro and macronutrients in specific fish. Due to which it guarantees the   best feed supply at a low cost.

    • Easily digested, fish grows fast, no water Pollution.

Pushtiraj Poultry Feed:

    • Broiler feed is prepared from selected, pure and best quality raw materials. As a result, the growth of broiler chickens is faster. Also, the FCR and cost of feed are less.

    • Layer feed increases the egg production and immunity of layer chickens.

Pushtiraj Cattle Feed:

    • Easy-to-digest ingredients are used according to the daily nutritional needs of the cows to make the cow fattening. As a result, cows grow regularly and fast.

    • In making dairy feed, specific raw materials and modern formulations are used according to the nutritional requirements required for the milk production and daily growth of the cow, which increases the milk production as well as keeps the cow healthy.